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Yangtze River express complete Vatri-Tianjin boar Charter tasks

On April 25, 2013, Yangtze River express airlines, a Boeing 747 all-cargo aircraft, load security for more than 1000 wild pigs from Vatri arrived at Tianjin airport. This is Chicago, Yangtze River Express has successfully completed in 2012-Shijiazhuang, Chicago, Chicago-Jinan-Guangzhou, Chicago-Changsha, Shenyang, Chicago-pigs, such as Charter flights after a successful completion of the activities of animal transport.
Yangtze River Express with the transport of live animals over the years accumulated experience and excellent full service, successfully ensuring the survival of swine, again achieved breeding zero death, won wide praise from customers and the public are generally recognized.
the successful completion of this mission, is a company in the industry has featured cargo service brand important embodiment and first-class service quality, increasing brand awareness and influence.

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