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United States automatic spending cuts emerged airport flight delays

United States the automatic spending cuts came into effect on March 1, the so-called ' financial detention ' power of gradual fermentation, air traffic controllers at the airport due to automatic spending cuts take unpaid leave, resulting in New York and other places on the East Coast United States airport flight delays in the start, coming into the season, problems even worse.
before the new fiscal year beginning in October, us about 10% guide 23,000 aircraft taking off and landing a day, air traffic controllers were forced to leave without pay on Monday, Kennedy, Newark and La Guardia, New York area's three major airports, flight delays occurred an hour or three hours.
the Washington Post reported that the flight took off from the main airport in Washington most of the almost on time, but flights to New York are facing long waits on the ground of fate. Flight New York's three major airports were delayed airport in the West Bank lead to a chain reaction. Starting from Monday afternoon, flights to Shallotte began to appear late arrivals, in the evening, and long delays at the airport in Miami and Los Angeles.
problems of the tourist season more
United States airline pilot Association, Mack believes that flight is used as collateral in the system should not be in the budget debate, ' business our livelihoods are dependent on the air ', airline financial and staff are now in danger, if the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) continued to cut spending, flight delays will continue to expand in coming weeks. United States Government and businessmen are worried that United States entered after the high season, flights delays like a snowball, become more and more serious.
in addition, the United States federal officials said Monday that open airline passenger traffic were expected this week to carry knives, bats and other sporting requirements will delay implementation, in response to the aviation industry, consumers and law enforcement personnel, the concerns raised by the Group Advisory Board. Declaring that policy was temporarily delayed, but did not state how long will delay.