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The little locomotive "thing"

Recently inadvertently see a TV with a month in the cloud on the temptations, Luo Kuang is a character in the play of our colleagues and a locomotive.
which has so a, Luo Kuang of apprentice Edamame finished airlines Qian, passenger immediately will boarding has, "1467 has prepared ready, please unit sent people down do last of release check", voice just fell, Edamame suddenly reminds to himself of gloves missing has, "I must is put gloves fell in aircraft Shang has" Edamame of Word provoked anger has master, "to I know you put gloves fell in aircraft Shang, I on killed has you" said finished, on Ben Shang aircraft looking for gloves, see here I hand in also pinch has a put Khan.
Luo Kuang in cabin in everywhere search, eager of wants to found gloves, and Tengfei in cockpit of Deputy driving bit picked up to has this hands sets, is has been no told Luo Kuang, Luo Kuang reminds to Edamame in cockpit to he handed had maintenance single, so busy asked: "is saw gloves has", make Philip is grinning of a Deputy excellent Zai excellent Zai of like, "I on not told you, on not told you", Luo Kuang urgent has "I no time and you joked", see Luo Kuang eyes in eager, and tension of like, Tengfei gloves from his pocket, Luo Kuang Yi grabbed the glove turned away, leaving off a sentence: "don't joke with me forever."
this sentence, Teng fei was shocked, shocked me.
, I think when most people hear the words, think Lo Kuang can't take a joke, or anger a bit big, but as a locomotive, absolutely to understand Luo Kuang had mixed feelings and fears.
because in our work, so a small pair of gloves, if falls in key parts of the plane, would have very serious consequences, related to the safety of the passengers on the plane. This is a security accident in our work, and never allow such a little neglect.
work, we cannot afford this kind of joke on forever.
Maintenance tool, even if it is a piece of rag, are numbered, if not found and cannot determine whether on the plane, the plane can't fly. For maintenance, no matter what the lost instruments, nature is the same, that is causing a security risk source. Every little oversight, will relate to more than more than 100 human lives, which is why we must develop a habit of three counts, cannot be missed. Luo Kuang looking for gloves, worried.
once, a frame outside Airlines 737 had station, short stopped check Shi, son master found right flap wing leak oil, I took with turn PIN just out rest between, on was son master called live has "small thanks, right system hydraulic oil enough, immediately to right system added hydraulic oil, I wearing headphones and unit contact retractable flap wing, find find leaked source in where". I immediately pushed to the ladder, and in the right wheel started to refuel, readily turn pin in the wheel well. Hydraulic oil filling is completed, did several tests, found no oil spill again, should the weather is too cold, actuator freezes, few activities well. Been really busy for a while, the problem is solved.
passengers begin boarding, the son of master hang mops, said corner pin no plug, let me back into the lounge with a PIN, "came out as before with a PIN", "your kid out of the rest room when no belt? "" I like "," what if, can determine the PIN is not on a plane? If pin down anywhere on the plane, the plane cannot fly today, until the pins find "master is angry, staring at me, the tone a bit stiff," this...... "suddenly I started to get nervous, I really don't remember you just busy. "Think about where do you, you don't scare me" son of master was nervous.
do? Son of master took a deep breath, a pressing emotional asking which part of my stay, "going to a workshop by blotting papers, and cockpit, and Oh, by the way, I still have the right main wheel well and oil." We immediately started looking for in this order, three workshops have no, nor the cockpit, finally found at the right main wheel well oil filler pipe pegs. I finally found it, suddenly the stone out.
after, son master seriously said: "at, also has I of not, interrupted has you of work, but, you also to remember, pin no fell in put machine Shang poured, most at least not effect aircraft of security, but if this PIN find not to, still in round class in, has may will card live landing gear, led to landing gear cannot down, that on not said aircraft of security has, that also relates to all passenger of life security", son master drink has mouth tea, see I low with head, comfort road "this lessons must to firmly remember And must not be allowed to have a second ".
I was scared, but pins found. However, this lesson also sounded the alarm for me, no good habits, and never will be a good maintenance.
Although there are no TVs in the plot, but experienced the same, doing maintenance not the slightest bit careless.
, everyone spontaneously formed the habit, the rest of the time, laughing, joking, but as soon as you start to work, everyone will be a bit more seriously, a bit more serious, will also speak of taste, more help.
in order to ensure safety, almost every time after troubleshooting, always check a few times, he wrote memory, over time, work, most of us more or less some obsessive-compulsive. This occupational disease are brought to life, such as going out to check more than once Windows are closed or not, tap not ... ...
never to joke about things, became a police statement.