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The air "If you are the one" push Virgin cabin dating service

According to foreign reports, Virgin United States airline (Virgin America) recently launched a very personalized service: the airline has on all Virgin United States airliner series seat back entertainment operating system is installed on, these systems can provide aircraft dating service.
by built-in seating map this dating system, passengers can accurately locate objects yourself eye, touch screens will be able to buy each other a drink. Since then, aboard the Virgin United States aviation friends no longer have to regret missed the right object on the plane.
, a dating system, operation is very simple, send passengers through the touch screen, select the object, send drinks and paid by credit card will be able to complete the operation, flight attendants will then send your heart to him (her) before it. Not only that, this dating system also has the air "hit feature" cabin passengers through the chat platform within the system and his (her) chat, the chat platform you want by way of SMS will be sent to each other. If you agree, you can ask him (her) to drink something other than, you can also ask him (her) meals and snacks. It can be said that dating this one aircraft operating system live a normal airliner, becomes a dating Club in the air!
Virgin Atlantic boss Richard Branson on the innovative aircraft dating services are very bright, the billionaire also appealed to passengers to enjoy life at 35000 feet above!