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Several low-cost airlines a strong presence in East China

This reporter has learned, including Malaysia, Asian airlines the number of low-cost airlines this year with a vengeance into East China market.
recently, Asia's largest low-cost airlines--AirAsia Group Chief Commercial Officer Dai Xiufeng told reporters, with the East China people's rising demand for tourism destination in Southeast Asia, Asian Aerospace this year decided to increase its routes starting from the East, further development and subdivision in East China market.
Similarly, China's first low-cost carrier Spring Airlines is at the end of March this year added 4 new lines originating from Hangzhou, and increased to 7. Analysis of the industry, that Herald spring in Hangzhou area layout of constructing low-cost air transport network is being further accelerated.
low-cost airlines (Low Cost Carrier), mainly engaged in large passenger flow of short routes, secondary airports, do not offer free meals and other additional services. Due to sharp compression in operating costs, low-cost airline fares are generally lower than major airlines.
as early as 2008, Malaysia Airlines (Malaysia Airlines) had opened the Malaysia Kuala Lumpur flights direct flights to Hangzhou, became the first of aircraft stationed in East Asia routes.
Liang Yi, told reporters the Asian aviation market manager, preferred to Hangzhou in East China, because they see the potential in the local tourism market, and the relative lack of international routes.
low fare compared to other mainstream airlines, the route has been welcomed by the bilateral passenger since the opening, at the end of March 2013, transported more than 800,000 passengers so far this year, average load factors of more than 86%.
data showing that China was Malaysia's third-largest tourist source countries, growing visitor numbers to nearly 40% per year.
it is seeing a steady stream of tourists in February this year, AirAsia Kuala Lumpur, opened up a new direct flights from Shanghai in East China's new route. Dai Xiufeng told reporters that in future strategic layout, will pay more attention to attract Shanghai local and surrounding cities and to visitors Jiangsu regions through Shanghai direct flights to Kuala Lumpur and relayed to the South-East Asian countries; in Hangzhou, keeping airline passenger groups based on the original, focusing on Ningbo, jiaxing, Jinhua, Zhejiang provinces around the market.
according to the reporter, the current low-cost airlines continue to expand route network layout and provide a cost effective outside the ticket also has introduced such as "flight + hotel" one-stop ticketing, micro-letters booking passenger travel-friendly personal service for their "overweight", so as to attract more tourists.