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Into the "Teletubbies" aircraft noise is not afraid

School in the playground of the four Teletubbies-like domes, effectively blocking noise.
UK media reported on 24th, United Kingdom Heathrow routes under the haoensiluoxisi nursery school has been plagued aircraft noise, recently built on the playground of the school the four Teletubbies-like Dome, effectively blocking noise, let the kids enjoy outdoor activities.
plane took off from Heathrow Airport, while flying over the area of the school, just 180 meters from the ground, the noise of its engine manufacturing up to 87 decibels. Principal Quinn said, expects every 90 seconds, the children will have 20 seconds to hear teachers speak.
after the dome is enabled, noise is reduced by 17 DB, and the continuing impact of the noise the time shortened.
it is understood that the dome construction material is cheap and easy to get, some barbed wire and pipes is sufficient, very useful. Its inventor is Iran architect in Cali, was originally designed for Lunar settlements, has actually been used for the first time is the resettlement of refugees in the Gulf war.