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In many Asian countries to increase airport screening to prevent bird flu spread

Some Asian countries want to strengthen the screening of passengers at the airport to prevent H7N9 avian flu epidemic from spreading.
County people H7N9 avian influenza confirmed 109 cases of infection have been reported, Taiwan on Wednesday (24th) also reported their first confirmed cases. The World Health Organization says there is no sustained human to human evidence of the virus, but the virus H5N1 virus to humans more easily than in the past.
Taiwan said, if passengers with suspicious symptoms are found, passengers for bird flu virus testing. Taiwan's first case of H7N9 avian flu patients, 53, from Suzhou, Jiangsu back to Taiwan after being diagnosed, currently under hospital treatment. The patient has not had any contact with poultry.
Viet Nam officials said on Thursday that starting temperature screening for all passengers at the airport, Japan said starting in May will allow airport and port of Thermographic inspection of visitors from China.
World Health Organization expert said H7N9 is one of the most deadly strain of avian flu. An international research team led by the who and the Chinese Government said on Wednesday, also could not say whether the virus can spread from person to person.
Singapore Health Ministry said the country's health authorities on high alert. Thailand Health Minister has said the country must strengthen the early warning.
some countries increasing screening of poultry products from China.
Viet Nam in early April has banned imports of poultry products from China, Philippines to strengthen the quarantine of all avian products.