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Hefei China Cheng tickets sales service limited by Hefei business audit registered of business institutions, professional for airlines sale ticket service, using modern science of management mode, constantly upgrade service quality and management level, has been yilai in "integrity business" of service concept for both at home and abroad of many well-known Enterprise and the units, and personal, and provides with quality of Hefei China Cheng tickets, and Hefei tickets, and Hefei discount tickets, and Hefei international tickets, and Hefei specials tickets, and Hefei tickets query, and Hefei tickets query network, and Hefei air tickets booking service, has won praise from our customers, companies with huge international route for the advantage, with more than 10 years leading ticketing exception handling capabilities, the company's main domestic and international air travel, studying abroad tickets, visit immigrant air ticket, service tickets, reservations, tickets, ticket, alteration of sales of convenience. 24-hour hotline, free delivery within the second ring road in Hefei city home. Your satisfaction is our success!
business philosophy: take the customer as the Center, with meticulous dedication, true and faithful cooperation concept, so as to create maximum value.
service: Ming Ming buckle fold ticket of uncompromising service, a customer-friendly and humanized management, satisfaction, preferences, smile, easily delivered to your presence.